Friday, April 11, 2014

Salt Spring loves Shay Kuebler Dance!

Salt Spring loves Shay Kuebler Dance!

What a great journey we had with them! Last night, April 7, was an amazing performance, I knew it would be very good, but it was beyond my expectations! We had a close to sold out house, several bursts of spontaneous applause during the performance (very uncommon in
my experience), and, when it was over, the audience leapt up for a unanimous standing-ovation with nearly half of them staying for the post-chat. Working with
my community partners, we did a great promo campaign. We got the buzz going on the island.

For outreach, Shay taught a wonderful workshop on Sunday, getting us sliding across the dance studio doing moves we never imagined possible. Last month he had come to the island where he taught workshops at the high school and led “Dance Temple”, a sacred dance ritual.

Here’s an audience member comment that sums it up for everyone:

“What a fantastic show! I am thinking about it and all the questions it left me with. Deep, visually stunning, powerful, awesome!”
A reminder for all the other CEFs in the network who are presenting Karoshi :Shay needs lots of plates, start collecting them now!

Good tip: Steer this very friendly group of dancers towards the Frisbee-Golf park and the best local restaurants, then provide them with an enthusiastic audience, and everyone will be happy!

- Anna Haltrecht

CEF Salt Spring

Made in BC – Dance on Tour

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